Beach Exercises

Image From PinterestGet your sweat on and exercise while watching the waves crash against the beach and wash across your feet. Who doesn’t want to watch the ocean while working out?!?! Weather you live on the beach or are just visiting try out these simple, easy, and fun exercises to spice up your daily routine.

~ Jogging or Running – Put on some good jogging shoes and get out there in the sand. Run along the edge of the water letting the waves crash against you or jog back behind all the beach goers and watch the people having a good time as well as the ocean.

~ Yoga – Do you know how relaxing it is to listen to waves crashing along the beach while doing yoga poses? Enough said! Get out there and do yoga!

~ Push-ups / Tricep Dips – Use beach chairs and picnic table benches to do different kinds of incline push-ups or tricep dips. There are many different types of exercises you can do simply using a chair.

~ Water Exercises – Get out in the water and get moving. Swim, jog, aerobic exercise moves, walking against the waves, these are just a few ideas to get you started. Exercising and moving your body against the water is burning more calories than doing these things on dry land.

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