#DIY Halloween – Fake Intestines – Last Minute Costume

Snapshot_11These fake intestines are perfect for that last minute costume.  My son paired them with a white sweatshirt he had previously cut the sleeves off of.  He used some spray bottle blood for the splatter, the realistic blood for hand prints, and then simply stapled his intestines to the sweatshirt.  Looks awesome!  Simple, easy, and fun!  Get crafty with DIY Pinterest this Halloween and check out all their fake blood, decor items, food, snacks, and more.  Show me your creations!  I want to see how awesome you look for that Halloween party!

[su_youtube url=”https://youtu.be/7uZCrV6xqTE”]

Items Needed:
White Tissue Paper
Realistic Blood
Spray Bottle Blood

1. Starting from one corner of the tissue paper run your hand down and scrunch it into a Snapshot_13line.
2. Staple the tissue paper together so it doesn’t come apart.
3. Roll your tissue paper in the realistic blood covering as much as you can.
4. Using the spray bottle blood cover the areas that you couldn’t get before.
5. Please note that food coloring does stain.


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