#DIY: Customize Your Flip Flops To Match Every Outfit

One of my friends actually pinned this and I saw it pop up in my Facebook feed. I was super excited to run upstairs and try it out! I think these turned out great! Perfect for wanting to match an outfit or to spruce up all those old flipflops we have in the bottom of our closet.

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YouTube video showing you how to make your own.

[su_youtube url=”http://youtu.be/EYi9OljCCD4″]

Items Needed:
Flip Flops

1. Cut two strips from your scarf.
2. Take the first strip and fold it in half.
3. String that through the thong on your flip flop so there is a loop on one side.
4. Take the other end of your scarf and pull that through the loop causing a knot.
5. Take the ends of your scarf and separate them to either side of the flip flop and twirl on to make the fabric tight.
6. Twist the fabric around one side of your flip flop, there will be extra leftover.
7. Repeat for the other side. (Video shows you much better than I can explain.)

You can use any color scarf or fabric to complete this with. My favorite color is pink so…pink it is for me!

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