Best Practices for Back Yard Chickens

My name is Melina, and I am a real-life “chicken tender!”

In other words, my Homestead Farm family includes more than 100 beautiful chickens. There are so many reasons I love them so much! But it’s not just a hobby for me – it’s a whole lifestyle. And, as we become increasingly reliant on local restaurants and grocery stores for food security, more and more families are choosing to turn unused backyard space into their very own chicken farm.

Even outside of food production, chickens continue to grow in popularity both as pets and, thanks to their colorful plumage, as competitive show animals. Combined with organic raised beds or larger scale foodscaping, choosing to invest in poultry farming remains one of the most productive uses for almost any backyard, big or small.

Without a doubt, the choice to raise chickens is a powerful force in the growing urban agriculture movement. In this report, you will learn the top tips and strategies you can follow to help make your own backyard chicken farm the best it can be.

Learn How to:

  • Set Realistic Expectations
  • Understand  Free-Range vs Free Run
  • Maintain a Flock’s Continuity
  • Perfect the Care and Maintenance of Your Chickens
  • Manage Waste Properly
  • Processing Poultry Products
  • Reduce Your Food Cost
  • Make Money With Chickens
  • Help Your Kids Connect with Your Chickens
  • Maintain a Mild Setting


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  • Discover everything you need to know about the importance of maintaining flock continuity, maintaining a mild setting, and much more!

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